Fable 3 main artwork-300x168

Fable III is set 50 years after Fable II, The land of Albion (where the Fable series are set) is under control of Logan, a tyrant king and your characters (boy or girl) older brother. Your characters main quest is to start a rebellion to defeat Logan and his army. Once you have done this you become king and fing out that there is something worst is coming to Albion. A vial creature called The Darkness awakens for the desert land of Aurora bringing pain and depair to Alibon. Your character has to decide how to react to it.

Helpful Tips and Hints Easy 1 Million Gold

There is a Demon Door in Sunset House. To get through the door you must...

  • Be King/Queen

Once you have the thing listed above enter the Demon Door, you should end you in a place called "Pools of Sorrow" Then you should see a Treasure Chest. Approach it and then press A. You should have 1 million gold.

Best Legendary Gun

The best legendary gun is called the Chickenbane. To get it you must...

  • Be King/Queen
  • Have 5 million gold

Once you have the things listed aboveclimb up "The Mountain 'o' Gold" and collect the Gold Key. Then transfer the money to your treasury using the book in your sanctuary. Then you should see a Treasure Chest. Approach it and then press A. You should have the Chickenbane as a weapon. Transfer the your money that you previously moved to your Treasury back to your Personal bank.

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